Cookies for Breakfast

My daughters are all about bending the rules for breakfast. So when I can find some healthy recipes that will fuel them up and help them eat healthy I’m all for it. So, cookies for breakfast anyone?

These are allergy friendly and vegan friendly too!!! Blueberry Chia Vanilla Cookies. I’m hungry just thinking about it!!!

Dynamic Duo

Our Thermofight X is a great product and as I’ve mentioned before can help people lose 31 pounds in 90 days. What we have found out is that pairing the Thermofight X or TFX with our Cleanse is one heck of a duo!

Our cleanse is an aloe based cleanse that gets rid of the toxic build up in your colon, which can be anywhere from 2-10 pounds!!! So add that at each month with our TFX and you can have some hefty weight loss results!!!

And for the next two days if you order this mighty Duo you can get free shipping!!!

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Sleep Hygiene

One of the most important habits you can create is sleeping habits!! Our bodies crave consistency and regular routines and our bodies thrive the best when we give them regular sleep.

Sleep is also your number one helper with making wise food choices and keeping your metabolism on course!!!

I know! It’s hard to when you have work schedules to keep and kiddos too but keep in mind that inconsistent sleep will throw your metabolism off and cause major mayhem with your immune system too!!

So finding a regular routine to let your body know your heading to bed; is important not only to weight loss but your overall health!

So find a way to make a regular pattern for you! Happy sleeping!! 😴