Soup Dejour

The leaves 🍁 are changing, it’s raining ☔️ much more than I would like and the smell of fireplaces burning tells me it is fall.

Soups are a mainstay at this time of year and if you’re not careful you fall victim to high calorie, fattening soups. They taste great but, oh man, not worth the risk!!!! So in my scouring I stumbled over this wonderful gem. It’s a low carb Veggie soup!!! Now I know carbs can up in veggies too but the vegetables in this soup are not to bad and the calories are only 79 a serving!!! Whoa 😳 So feel free to add this to your fall line up!!!

Stuffed Chicken Breasts

Pretty sure I’ve mentioned this before but I’m a sucker for things chocolate and cheese. This recipe may not have the chocolate but it definitely has cheese!!! Not to mention chicken, another favorite of mine. Plus I know my picky eaters called kids will eat it too!!!

This recipe is easy to make in under 30 minutes, is keto and chalk full of juicy goodness! That’s a trifecta for anyone counting. Now let’s get our spatulas our and make this for dinner tonight!!! 😊