Leftover Turkey Salad

In years past it’s been quite the ordeal in my house to find creative ways to use up all the left over Turkey from Thanksgiving.

This year, thankfully, it was not an issue for us but I found this recipe just in case. It looks delicious and easy to do and of course uses up that pesky left over Turkey.


Burn On

Candles are some the greatest ways to introduce enticing smells into your house without having to slave over a hot stove all day!

However, traditional candles are usually made from paraffin which contain the carcinogens, toluene and benzene. Choosing candles with beeswax or soy, burn clean with no soot or smoke and they are not carcinogenic, says Huib Maat, house perfumer at Pairfum London.

So the next time your looking for a beautiful sent to burn make sure you look at its ingredients. No need to increase cancer concerns while you breath in those heavenly scents!!!

The Mark Twain Way

Mark Twain was definitely a man ahead of his time in many ways and this quote by him shows just how smart he was.

“The only way to keep your health is to eat what you don’t want, drink what you don’t like and do what you’d rather not.”

Now I do like good food. I love healthy drinks and I enjoy working out but when you think of the mindset of so many now days and then it makes sense.

Maybe someday Mark Twain’s idea of health will kick some in the rear to try a healthier lifestyle.

Make Your Bed

You would think such a simple task would be easy but it’s actually not an easy task for most people. Experts agree though that as soon as you get up make that bed.

For one, it stops the temptation for you to get back in. Two, just this first simple act has been shown in research studies to improve productivity, gives an individual a greater sense of well being and more will power to stick to diets, even improve greater budget skills.

Julie Lohre, certified personal trainer and fitness and nutritional expert, “It’s not that making your bed causes these things to happen” she explains, ” but rather that this key habit initiates a chain reaction that helps other good habits take hold.”

Pizza! Pizza 🍕

Americans are fairly well versed in the pizza game. Not that we own the rights, there are some amazing recipes from other countries out there that have definitely taught us a thing or two on how to make a pizza.

Now don’t get too excited I’m not giving out any recipes from Italy today. However, I did find a great recipe from Lowcarbyum.com that you will day for!!! So enjoy 😉