Spotlight On: Purify

Part of my new health and wellness plan has been to incorporate essential oils into mine and my family’s life.

I’ve mentioned before when I worked in Labor & Delivery we used essential oils very successfully and I know they work wonders on the body and mind. So each month I’m adding a few more to my collection. I picked purify because of it’s clean fresh scent and you can use it safely in your home and on your laundry. I love it!!!

It takes away odors (Cats, funky weird ones too!) and leaves behind a light citrus scent that is not too over powering. I put it in our wash to help boost the cleaning power and help with any odd smells and our girls clothes came out amazing!!!

I’m also excited to try it this summer during our camping trips. It’s great to soothe an insect bite or sting which always happens with my girls.

I have found my new go to for so much, Yay!!!

Rise, Exercise, Socialize

We all know that exercising is a great way to rid ourselves of unnecessary stress and help boost our metabolism but what most don’t know is that mornings is the best time for this.

Recent studies are showing that exercising in the morning can boost your mental clarity for up to 4-10 hours and boost your metabolism so that you burn more calories throughout the day. More productive and calorie burning, I’m in!!!

As an added bonus finding someone to join in on this morning fun with you helps you to meet these daily exercise goals by having an accountability partner and when you are out and going makes you push just that much more!! How awesome!!!

Have a great Thursday! 🙂

On Fire 🔥

Our newest and most sought after product right now it’s the Thermofight X. In the clinic trials people lost an average of 31 pounds in 90 days!!! It stabilizes your blood sugar, boosts your metabolism and curbs your carvings 🤭!!!

Insane, right?!! I’ve been taking it for one month today and it’s the boom!!! I’ve already lost 20 pounds!!! Now to be accurate I am using two of our other products as well ( I’ll be talking about these too) but this one has been a game changer! I know longer snack between meals, I have increased energy and when I eat sugary foods I actually have no desire to finish them.

So if you are someone who has tried “everything that’s out there and need something new” THIS IS IT!!!

If you want to look around my ItWorks site my link is