Blueberry Goodness

I’m always looking for something delicious and low carb in the morning for myself and my picky little girls so when I found this recipe I did a happy dance.

This has just enough sugar to make them happy and keep them coming back for more and only daddy and I know it’s actually pretty darn good for them.

I hope you enjoy it!!!

Plain and Simple

Did any of you know that coffee and tea can be some the best antioxidants in our diet, so long as they are (preferably) organically sourced, so they’re produced without pesticides?

These two beverages boost mental health, liver health, and promote a healthy heart. The key is to leave out the sugar and milk, which takes away most all their benefits.

Coffee is even being studied most recently for its healthy effects on the longevity and cancer prevention. While tea has been a long-standing healing remedy for years.

Enjoying 1-2 cups in the morning, and even again in the afternoon, before 3 pm, if they’re caffeinated, is a great way to get through your day. So drink up!!!

Cookies for Breakfast

My daughters are all about bending the rules for breakfast. So when I can find some healthy recipes that will fuel them up and help them eat healthy I’m all for it. So, cookies for breakfast anyone?

These are allergy friendly and vegan friendly too!!! Blueberry Chia Vanilla Cookies. I’m hungry just thinking about it!!!

Breakfast with a Kick!

Breakfast for me can always be a little on the boring side. I love eggs but not all the ways you can make them. Cereal is great but I need variety or it gets boring quick so finding new recipes that fit in to any new healthy eating plan is always a plus! And this one is an absolute favorite!

Bell peppers with eggs! Not too spicy and you get your protein and a veggie. The best of two worlds first thing in the morning. For those of you counting calories. The egg is worth 80 calories and the bell pepper medium size is 25, large is 35!!! Score!!!!