Balancing Act

Work, home, kids, sleep, exercise, food plans… everything takes planning and needs a balance in your life. However, finding that balance can be rough in the beginning when starting new routines for a healthier you.

Even after years, seasoned veterans can tell you that everyday will be bring a new set of challenges that will throw you off balance but there is a hope!!

If you form habits, it’s easier to find that balance again. It’s also helpful if you can have a “back up” plan for just about everything. If you can’t exercise in the morning see if you can carve out sometime at lunch. If you didn’t prep your lunch the night before make sure you know the places you can go to that have the healthiest options for you.

Making time for a healthier you can take some “work” but you’re worth it.

Have a great Monday!!!

Push a Little More

These last few years for me have been well… rough. Sometime in 2018, I came down with pneumonia and it brought out my long buried Asthma. Then I found out I had sleep apnea.

To say that my exercising went to crap was an understatement. I spent the next 6 months trying to gain control of just my breathing. Exercising on a daily basis was not really an option although I did try. Not always with the best results so I backed off and got lazy. Not a great idea either.

Discouragement became my best friend last year and I spent a lot of time exercising but without a lot of focus or planning and of course had almost no results and a lot of frustration.

This year I made a decision to take it step by step. I wasn’t going “full throttle” like I used to as a kid but I was going to push myself a little bit everyday just a little harder. To make my lungs work, to make myself stronger and hopefully see the results down the road.

So far it’s paying off. In 4 weeks, I’m down 6 pounds and 2 inches and my breathing during the day and night is much better. Yay!!!

So I’ll keep up what I’m doing, keep pushing and maybe by summertime have some of those results I was looking for last year.

Have a great day!!!

Disclaimer: I am an Asthma RN and would not recommend anyone with severe asthma, like myself, start any exercise program without consulting a doctor first.


Fitness and diet can and usually are, the biggest struggles that people face in their lives. They start out at a great pace and then get derailed.

I know, I’ve been one of those people many times over. It’s frustrating and heartbreaking and so many people just give up. We want to be healthy and fit and feel good but… and this is when the list of things that get in our way start piling up. Now I’m not going to talk food right now just fitness. The biggest barrier anybody faces to their fitness goals is THEMSELVES!!

Our minds are capable of giving us the freedom to fly or sink to the bottom of the ocean. We have to be able to conquer our own minds and the best way to do it is daily affirmations.

Start out everyday and I mean EVERY DAY with POSITIVE feedback for you.


I AM FIT (even if your not)

and keep telling yourself theses things. You can list 5 or 10 maybe just 3. They can be the same ones everyday or they can change. Just as long as you continue to do them. Your mind will follow what you tell it and soon you will see the changes you have been telling it.

It’s amazing how much we can do when stop getting in our own way.

So be your own inner champion and start the day with a positive attitude!!!

Burn On

Candles are some the greatest ways to introduce enticing smells into your house without having to slave over a hot stove all day!

However, traditional candles are usually made from paraffin which contain the carcinogens, toluene and benzene. Choosing candles with beeswax or soy, burn clean with no soot or smoke and they are not carcinogenic, says Huib Maat, house perfumer at Pairfum London.

So the next time your looking for a beautiful sent to burn make sure you look at its ingredients. No need to increase cancer concerns while you breath in those heavenly scents!!!

Make Your Bed

You would think such a simple task would be easy but it’s actually not an easy task for most people. Experts agree though that as soon as you get up make that bed.

For one, it stops the temptation for you to get back in. Two, just this first simple act has been shown in research studies to improve productivity, gives an individual a greater sense of well being and more will power to stick to diets, even improve greater budget skills.

Julie Lohre, certified personal trainer and fitness and nutritional expert, “It’s not that making your bed causes these things to happen” she explains, ” but rather that this key habit initiates a chain reaction that helps other good habits take hold.”