Keto Chili; Texas Style

Dinner can be a hard one in our house. Finding something that is healthy, delicious and not overly fat filled can be a tall order when you need to feed yourself and kids.

Now if you do this recipe in the stove top or slow cooker is definitely not quick but still will be delicious but it does have an insta pot version for you families that need food fast. We have those days too!! I can’t wait to try this!!

Control It!!!

During the holidays what is one thing that’s always out of control? Carbohydrates!!!!!

They are everywhere in over abundance. If you are anything like me, it is really hard to say no too. Not because I have no will power, okay my will power isn’t great but that’s not the point, I hate hurt peoples feelings and my butt has paid the price year after year.

So I’m thrilled about this new product from ItWorks! It’s called Carb Control!!! It helps to block the excess sugar and starches in your meals that your body doesn’t need and that eventually turn into fat!!

How these work is taking one tablet about 30 minutes prior to a snack that will have carbohydrates in it or if you know a meal is going to be carbohydrate heavy to two 30 minutes prior but don’t take more than two in a day.

Now, obviously you don’t want to use this as a catch all. This needs to be used in conjunction with diet and exercise and watch those pounds just go away!!! I’m so excited to try this product. Many others have and are raving about it!!!

Spotlight on: On Guard

There are so many great essential oils that DoTerra has I can’t even begin to list them all.

However, since I am an avid user of them, as I use them and learn all there is to know, I’ll share that knowledge here.

Flu season has it hard this year and with it panic. People who don’t and even those who do get the flu shot are always looking for ways to avoid influenza. You can always lock yourself in your house until flu season is over but that can get really boring, fast.

Hand washing is always a must, taking vitamin C helps, using ItWorks Immunity is amazing and then we have On Guard!

This stuff is awesome!!! It’s a protective blend designed to protect and support your immune system. One of the great things with this one is you can diffuse it in your house, take two drops internally to give your immune system a boost (tastes great in coffee), you can even mix it with fractionated coconut oil and rub it on your hands, etc… as a natural cleanser. Which means you can even mix it with water in a spray bottle and use it as an all purpose cleaner!!!!.

Why a better way to keep yourself and house germ safe than to use this awesome product.

Essential Living

Adventures are the spice of life and what better for a busy mom and wife to but to add to her already busy schedule!!!!

When I worked as a Labor & Delivery nurse we used Essential Oils on many of our patients with success. Several of us nurses also used them ourselves. My favorite was always peppermint. It’s helps sooth an upset tummy and helps you wake up when you need to be in your toes, especially when you are working night shift and need to be awake!

We used Lavender all the time on our laboring mother’s as it would help relax them and eat their body do things naturally. Worked like a charm every time.

Now, I realize that people are skeptical about oils and that’s fine. I’ve been in that boat but I’ve seen these work. If nothing else they are the best natural cleaning products ever!!!

So here I go again, taking on another project and I’m really excited!!!!

Come visit my site and see what you think! 😊

Streusel Me This

Summer is fading fast and with it warm weather. So, of course, the seasonal recipes are starting to pop up. This is one I’ve never seen before but I’m absolutely going to true this year with my family. It’s called Keto Pumpkin Cake!

Not only am I a fan of anything cake but you throw in keto and pumpkin and I’ll be your best friend!!! I certainly hope it becomes a holiday favorite in many homes for years to come. ❤️