Fitness and diet can and usually are, the biggest struggles that people face in their lives. They start out at a great pace and then get derailed.

I know, I’ve been one of those people many times over. It’s frustrating and heartbreaking and so many people just give up. We want to be healthy and fit and feel good but… and this is when the list of things that get in our way start piling up. Now I’m not going to talk food right now just fitness. The biggest barrier anybody faces to their fitness goals is THEMSELVES!!

Our minds are capable of giving us the freedom to fly or sink to the bottom of the ocean. We have to be able to conquer our own minds and the best way to do it is daily affirmations.

Start out everyday and I mean EVERY DAY with POSITIVE feedback for you.


I AM FIT (even if your not)

and keep telling yourself theses things. You can list 5 or 10 maybe just 3. They can be the same ones everyday or they can change. Just as long as you continue to do them. Your mind will follow what you tell it and soon you will see the changes you have been telling it.

It’s amazing how much we can do when stop getting in our own way.

So be your own inner champion and start the day with a positive attitude!!!

Invest In You!!!

As a nurse, my whole job is about helping people. Advocating for those who don’t know how to advocate for themselves and sometimes having a heart to heart those who don’t realize that what they are doing is harming themselves.

Now I fully realize that there are many people out there who know full well they are hurting themselves and don’t care and for them well that’s a post for another day.

This post is about my second job, as an itworks distributor. This job isn’t much different than first. It’s all about helping people. Finding what works best for someone’s lifestyle and hopefully making them happy. It’s not all about weight loss but let’s face it most people focus on that. We do have many other things.

A facial cleanser that leaves your face feeling fresh and ready for the day! A hydration supplement that helps you rock your workout or helps you bounce back from whatever just kicked your hinny. We even a mild to moderate pain reliever that helps with chronic daily pain! All these are natural and so helpful!!

So why am I penning this blog tonight? I want you to think about what change you think you might need in your life right now and then decide if you are worth that investment. Let me tell you right now, YOU ARE. You are worth every investment that you make in yourself. The time and energy that you put into your health is never wasted no matter how small it might be. You don’t have to make big changes overnight either. Little steps become big changes over time.

So take a chance and invest in you!

New Adventure

Just before my 40th birthday I was approached by an ItWorks Distributor that wanted to recruit me to be a distributor as well. Now I’m not a saleswoman. I don’t know how to talk people into things. I’m also not pushy and always looking for the next sale. But you know what neither are these people I’ve meet. They are the most kind and caring group of women and men. Yes, they don’t have conventional jobs but they love their families and they are working in a different way to provide for their families just like us.

Now don’t get me wrong. I love my job as a nurse and I’m not looking to stop working anytime soon. I do however, like this company and the people I have met. They are a wonderful group of people who have opened their lives and hearts to me so warmly and kindly and I love that. I really like the products too!

There is something for everyone, well, 18 and over. These products are made to help people. To change lives in a good and healthy way. I look at all these products and see something that can improve someone’s life. It can be a game changer for someone. That is why I am a part of this company. To bring products to people that can change their whole life. I’m always available for questions if you have them and I might even have a few answers!!! 😊


As an added adventure to my ItWorks business I’m now apart of DoTerra Essential Oils!! In my life prior to Asthma & Allergy, I was a Labor & Delivery Nurse. We used essential oils a lot with great success; so I’m adding this into my page. If you have any questions about this let me know!