Control It!!!

During the holidays what is one thing that’s always out of control? Carbohydrates!!!!!

They are everywhere in over abundance. If you are anything like me, it is really hard to say no too. Not because I have no will power, okay my will power isn’t great but that’s not the point, I hate hurt peoples feelings and my butt has paid the price year after year.

So I’m thrilled about this new product from ItWorks! It’s called Carb Control!!! It helps to block the excess sugar and starches in your meals that your body doesn’t need and that eventually turn into fat!!

How these work is taking one tablet about 30 minutes prior to a snack that will have carbohydrates in it or if you know a meal is going to be carbohydrate heavy to two 30 minutes prior but don’t take more than two in a day.

Now, obviously you don’t want to use this as a catch all. This needs to be used in conjunction with diet and exercise and watch those pounds just go away!!! I’m so excited to try this product. Many others have and are raving about it!!!

Roasted Cauliflower

Most people find cauliflower hard to eat but it’s one of my favorite vegetables. It’s crunchy and delicious but you can also boil it and put cheese it ( my kids love it this way).

So imagine my happiness when I found this awesome recipe for roasted cauliflower!!! Not only does it have cheese and bacon but it’s low carb, YES!!!! It’s quick and easy. You can use it for a snack, lunch or dinner. Bring on the cauliflower!

ItWorks Cake!!

I’m a fan of everything chocolate. Especially when it doesn’t add pounds to already rather voluptuous body. So when I joined ItWorks and discovered that I can use their products to bake it was a win win. That’s why I’m sharing this absolutely awesome recipe. It’s Keto friendly and full of chocolate!!!