Dynamic Duo

Our Thermofight X is a great product and as I’ve mentioned before can help people lose 31 pounds in 90 days. What we have found out is that pairing the Thermofight X or TFX with our Cleanse is one heck of a duo!

Our cleanse is an aloe based cleanse that gets rid of the toxic build up in your colon, which can be anywhere from 2-10 pounds!!! So add that at each month with our TFX and you can have some hefty weight loss results!!!

And for the next two days if you order this mighty Duo you can get free shipping!!!

Check it out at https://about.me/csteeley

On Fire 🔥

Our newest and most sought after product right now it’s the Thermofight X. In the clinic trials people lost an average of 31 pounds in 90 days!!! It stabilizes your blood sugar, boosts your metabolism and curbs your carvings 🤭!!!

Insane, right?!! I’ve been taking it for one month today and it’s the boom!!! I’ve already lost 20 pounds!!! Now to be accurate I am using two of our other products as well ( I’ll be talking about these too) but this one has been a game changer! I know longer snack between meals, I have increased energy and when I eat sugary foods I actually have no desire to finish them.

So if you are someone who has tried “everything that’s out there and need something new” THIS IS IT!!!

If you want to look around my ItWorks site my link is https://about.me/csteeley

April 30% Off

There are 11 days left in this month and our company has gone an additional 30% crazy!!! Right now with purchases of Thermofight X, Fat Fighter and Cleanse you will get 30% off our Ultimate Body Applicator!!!

If you buy some of our body products you will receive 30% off our facial product!!! It’s a great deal and only for a limited time!!!


my link is https://about.me/csteeley