Fruit Skewers

Now that we’ve had a hearty, carb filled day full of thanks and family togetherness it’s time to think about our waistline, again.

This recipe definitely is was it conscious. It has apples, pears, honey, dash of cinnamon and best of all its grilled!!! Fruit that is grilled?Now that’s just what the doctor ordered!


Chai Anyone?

I recently tried Chai tea, after hearing for months how great it was from my co-worker.

Honestly, I will never give up my coffee for it but I liked it. So when I was scrolling through recipes and found this one I figured I would share it. It’s easy to make plus it’s keto, vegan & paleo friendly. Talk about a winner!

Cookies for Breakfast

My daughters are all about bending the rules for breakfast. So when I can find some healthy recipes that will fuel them up and help them eat healthy I’m all for it. So, cookies for breakfast anyone?

These are allergy friendly and vegan friendly too!!! Blueberry Chia Vanilla Cookies. I’m hungry just thinking about it!!!

Step up

If you are looking for something better than the old Propels and Gatorades that you can find in your grocery store? Than our new product, Hydrate, is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Hydrate has 6 essential electrolytes, less than 1g of sugar and is soy free, Keto friendly, non gmo and vegan! It can be your pre or post work out buddy and if you’ve been sick with the flu there is nothing better to get you back on your feet than this product (trust me, I know).

The only thing that could make this even better would be if it was in travel packs… wait it does!!!!!

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